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Augmented RealityyYY

Engagement on social media has been a must for a long time now, but augmented reality brought a new level of interaction between brands and users.
Our new “normal” way of life (thank you 2020 pandemic) has pointed Marketing to three concepts: BEHAVIOUR, CONSUMPTION e EXPERIENCE. You can find all the three of them on AR technology. Instagram, one of the best social media channels with AR technology, is where all the Generation Z and Millennials spend most of their time, and these are the users who are more and more open to consumption through AR experience.



Disney Princess or Villain?


For the launch of Vult's partnership with Disney, we created a filter that would demonstrate the inclusive tone of the campaign: A Girl (or boy) can feel a bit like a princess or a bit like a villain. In addition to being able to combine different makeups, the filter features also a QUIZ: What's Your Mood Today?



Berritos A.R.

Anyone who knows Berro knows that the brand is changeable. It has these little pets for various logo applications. In this filter, we brought them to reality to accompany us in times of Home Office and strengthen the company's culture.



Wonder Woman 84

Revlon launched a line inspired by the world launch of the 1984 movie Wonder Woman. The filter serves as a dressing room and the user can still wear the headband of the character from the DC Universe.



Virtual Podium

The VoteLGBT collective defends that representativeness needs to be present in all spaces - including politics. This filter is a real podium to give voice to LGBTQIA+.

Filtro_O2 Filmes.jpg


City of God (chicken scene)

O2 Filmes wanted to honor one of its most acclaimed films. To celebrate the work's eighteenth anniversary, the filter recreates the iconic chicken scene in augmented reality.

O2 filmes
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